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[Privacy Policy]
    Welcome to the global information website of the Construction and Planning Agency (hereinafter “our website”), we would like to introduce the privacy policy of our website for you to enjoy our information and service. To ensure your rights, please carefully read the following:
1.What this privacy policy covers
  • This policy covers how we treat personal information that we collect and receive, including information related to your past use of our service.
  • This policy does not apply to external websites, and people who we do not employ or authorize.
2.Information Protection
  • Our website is equipped with firewalls and anti-virus related information security facilities, and we take the necessary precautionary measures against any leak of your personal information. With strict protection measures, only the authorized staffs are allowed to access your personal information. All related staffs are required to conclude a confidentiality agreement. If there is a violation of such agreement, the person will be punished according to relevant laws.
  • Where service is indeed required from any of our units to carry out business, we will strictly require employees to conform their confidentiality duty, and adopt necessary inspection procedures to ensure they fully comply with duty.
3.Link to external websites
  • We provide hyperlinks from our website to other external websites. However, our privacy policy does not apply to other external websites. You have to refer to privacy policy of the linked sites.
4.Use of Cookies
  • To provide better service, our website will set and access cookies in your computer. If you are unwilling to accept the cookies, you may set the privacy protection level to “high” in your browser and refuse acceptance of cookies. But it may cause some functions of the website unable to be executed normally.
5.Changes to this Privacy Policy
  • We may update the privacy policy to meet the requirement at any time, and the revised version will be published on our site.
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